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Are you stuck or conflicted? Feeling like you know where you want to go and can't seem to get there no matter how hard you try? You may have great success in some areas of your life and not quite getting the results you would like in others. Do you want to UNBRIDLE YOUR LIFE in that area

Do you sometimes feel like you are a backseat driver in some aspect of your life? Occasionally having some input to where you want to go and how you want to get there. Sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don't. Perhaps you feel more like a passenger being taken wherever you are taken, with someone or something outside of you in control of your direction and destination in some area of your life. Are you ready to get back in the driver's seat of YOUR LIFE? and RECREATE YOUR FUTURE! NOW!!

Unbridle Your Life Coaching will help you overcome the unconscious blocks that have previously held you back. You will release negative emotions, self imposed limitations and unproductive patterns of behaviour. Integrate conflicts, remove self sabotage to perform at your best. You will learn to uphold boundaries and experience feeling valued and respected by the people around you.  


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"Big Change"

Hi Annie!

A lot has been going on since I saw you last! That "big change" I was talking about - maybe a new business, change of address, change of direction - has commenced. 

You asked if I got what I came for......... Interesting! No I didn't. I got what I NEEDED!! What I "came for" was a by product, a symptom of what was actually happening. I definitely worked on other areas that proved far more significant. Self worth. Took a long time to figure out but once the lid came off that one....well.....!!!! I am certainly taking action towards my goal. I can see what has sabotaged me previously and why. I am making sure I am not only heard but that my voice is recognised and respected. I am very quick to notice and intercept negative thought patterns - these lead to anxiety attacks - who knew??!!! I am finding a more balanced and rational approach to these I think. That is not to say it is easy or doesn't happen anymore but I no longer feel caught in that vortex of helplessness. I have tools to use in those situations now. Even my OCD is much less!!

My vision for the future is much clearer. I know what it is I want to do with my horses and I am setting myself up for this to happen. I don't feel "less" when I find that I have no idea what to do - I just seek out information/education/assistance until I DO know what to do. And that sometimes includes doing NOTHING until an idea presents itself. No more fake it til you make it (& stress about getting caught out!!) It will take some months to effect these huge lifestyle changes obviously and I will continue to do my best to be kind to myself throughout the process, including spending quality time with my horses, my friends & family and just myself! I will put the time and the effort in and do my best to succeed in this and I will do my utmost to enjoy the journey BUT I am not attached to the outcome. Whatever happens happens. I am very conscious of remaining present - I do find jumping too far ahead only leads to pointless anxiety. Very conscious of keeping BALANCE in everything. I am really really excited about the future!

I seem to be getting quite adept at "talking myself off the ledge" when negative thoughts or emotions pop up - I use the timeline therapy to sort that out with great results! I think I have become much more empathetic too. I no longer feel obliged to do things just to please other people - if I don't want to do it I don't do it. Simple. Definitely getting better at asking for help both physical and emotional. DEFINITELY better at me time - not feeling guilty about the time I invest in myself.

I hope that makes sense!!

Thank you for all your help - I can't tell you really how much difference our sessions have made!

Chat soon,
Much love,

Mindi xx

"Cut out the white noise"

You just did something that I needed to hear for a long time. When you said “cut out the white noise” it was an epiphany for me, because it is just that, white noise. I just didn’t know that was what I was doing. I think I felt like I had to put it all out there so you could probably say “holy shit, this girls brain is pretty f’d up lol” and run away. Not knowing until now, was I push people away when they get too close, if that makes sense.

You blew my mind today, I love it when I’m mentally pushed beyond what I know. I’ve learnt a little more about myself that I’ve been trying to understand all my late teenage and adult life. You peeled a layer back today and it was refreshing. I saw hope for myself, and a tool to stop the procrastination. I’m sure I’m a work in progress lol. But words you’ve used recently like “cause or effect”, try and white noise absolutely struck a chord in me. So thanks heaps for allowing me to see hope for change

Annie, I’m so happy for you and your pursuit in assisting people to take responsibility for their lives. Before meeting you, I knew I had bad habits which convinced my sub conscious mind to be my truth. All I knew, is that horses have always been there for me when I’ve struggled, so I knew I had to turn to them. I had heard of you by word of mouth, I googled you and I just hoped you would be the horsey person that would assist in my transition. It took me weeks to take the plunge and contact you, so much “white noise” in my head for why I couldn’t contact you. But I did and I just trusted in the process. Our journey started with building my confidence in the saddle. Mentally I’m happy with my riding progress, I just need my body to come up to speed with my brain lol. 

Since starting the Winter confidence program and listening to your explanations in why we do what we do, I feel like another door is opening. I know I have a way to go but finding you has been a big part in my personal growth.
So thank you